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Wellness starts inside your body, from above-down, inside-out.  Meaning, information from your brain travels through impulses in the nerves down to the body.  These nerves travel from your spinal cord inside your body to all your tissues out the periphery.Your body is a finely-tuned machine, which has a few basic needs to run smoothly.  Your body also has an innate intelligence which allows it to continue to function even if you're doing your best to run it into the ground.  Like any machine, the better you treat your body, the better it will function for you, and the longer it will last.  While there are many factors in your life which you can't control to relieve stresses on your body, there are definitely some things that you can to allow your body to function optimally.

The most direct ways to keep your body in optimal shape are the following:

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Regular Exercise
  • Body-work maintenance


    Although there are many conflicting sources of information on the correct things to eat, nutrition doesn't have to be such a difficult process.  With proper planning, anyone can clean up their diet on their own enough to avoid excess or empty calories. A little pre-planning on meals can help avoid those impulse decisions.  Simply avoiding fast food, fried foods, sugary or artificially sweetened beverages, and excess sugar can go a long way towards cleaning up your body.  A diet rich in unrefined and unprocessed foods can change your energy levels and mental capacities.  Your doctor or nutritionist can help with specifics and actually look at a food diary of what you eat to help you manage this.



    What type of exercise and how often tends to confound a lot of people.  As long as you can maintain a regular exercise regimen which increases your heart-rate and challenges your stamina, you will find yourself improving physically the longer you stick with it. Everybody is built differently and the key is to find an activity you enjoy doing regularly and can feel a sense of accomplishment with.  You should consult your doctor before starting a program and seek out the advice of a trainer to assist.



    As with any machine, regular maintenance should be scheduled keep your body at peak performance.  Because your body is self-healing, pain is often the very last symptom to be felt when something has gone wrong.  You can keep pushing yourself on a day-to-day basis never realizing you're not performing as well until you get to the point where your body tells you to stop.  This can be minimized and even prevented with regular checkups to make sure everything is working well.  You take your car to get
    checked up regularly, you have your teeth checked regularly.  Why would you treat your spine, the core of your body through which your nervous system travels, any worse than that.



    Chiropractic by itself is a powerful tool, but it is also necessary for the patient to take an active part in the healing process.  In order to do that, sometimes, certain exercises are required to be performed at home to help stabilize your body.  Without this additional help, healing can still proceed, but it will do so at a slower rate.